Nebula Meter
The Meter Of The Future

Smart Meter

Nebula has a long feature set as part of the base design! Each of these features are designed to enhance the utilization and information provided.

The Nebula IoT Smart Water Meter


The Nebula meter is designed to be a "drop in" fit when replacing an existing meter. The total meter length is 7.5 inches, exactly the same as existing industry meters. With a compact all in one design, installation is quick and easy. Upon installation the Nebula meter initiates a start-up routine and establishes communications with the water system operator's interface. This provides the GPS location of the meter along with other appropriate information. The Nebula meter batteries are designed for an operating life in excess of 10 years. The meter is sealed and can operate submerged to a depth of 3 feet continuously. In most situations the existing internal antenna is sufficient for communication, however, an external auxiliary antenna is a plugin option if needed.

  • Electronic measurement of water flow utilizing Ultrasonic technology
  • No moving parts to wear out
  • Water temperature reporting
  • Water pressure reporting
  • Self diagnosis and the meter reports any issues automatically
  • Cellular NB-IoT and Cat M1 connectivity via the majority of carriers globally
  • Bi-directional cellular communications
  • Unique set of security components to insure the highest levels of system integrity and confidence
  • Battery powered with 10 year plus life cycle
  • Waterproof to a 3 foot water depth
  • Designed and sized for easy exact drop replacement of existing meters
  • OTA updating allows for continuous levels of development
  • Nebula is partnered with Fortune 500 companies to provide a turn-key solution