Nebula Meter
The Meter Of The Future

Nebula Meter is not only a totally new IoT intelligent smart water meter design, but a totally new way of doing business.

How is Nebula different?


With feature sets you only dreamed about in an IoT Intelligent Smart Meter, the Nebula system includes a totally new way of managing Water Meters though our advanced platform with simple API integration to existing utility billing systems.


With the IoT Nebula IoT Intelligent Smart Water Meter, you will be leaving the 100 year old mechanical meter behind and moving to the future of IoT Intelligent Smart Metering. The Future in IoT Intelligent Smart Meters is “Now” with Nebula Meters.

Service Benefits:


  • No more scheduled meter replacements
  • No more meter under-reading consumption    
  • No more meter readers walking or driving neighborhoods
  • No more proprietary radio systems
  • No more dispatching a service truck to turn a meter on or off
  • No more waiting for possible leaks to suddenly surprise you
  • No more old business practices
  • No more huge capital resource outlays
  • No more political anguish 
  • And much more.


The Total Cost of Ownership Benefits is the major advantage for water departments/utilities!

Customer Benefits:


  • Can realize a lower water bill
  • Can enjoy a high level of customer service
  • Can access water data right on their smartphones
  • Can change or move service quicker and easier
  • And much more

This sounds fantastic, why is Nebula Meter the first?


You would think it would be a "no brainer" to create a water meter that fits today's real needs, but it's not that easy. It has taken over 15 years to move an idea to reality. During that time, we've tried to not just develop a system for today; but one for far into the future.

Nebula skips right to the Future!

The Nebula IoT Smart Water Meter is designed to meet the future needs of water suppliers with a unique set of features. And at the same time, it reduces the total cost of owning and operating the Nebula Smart Water Meter on your water system.


While others are implementing pieces of the future needs, Nebula has combined everything into a turn key solution today.


  • No more meter readers walking the streets.
  • No more meter readers doing a 'drive-by'
  • No need to install a proprietary radio system
  • When a customer closes their account, a simple mouse click takes the final reading and turns the meter off
  • When a new customer establishes new service, a simple mouse click takes the initial reading and turns the meter on
  • Through AI built into the meter, alerts can be sent when abnormal usage is detected
  • Easy to detect users who violate certain water usage mandates
  • Meter can turn the water off automatically when unusual flow is detected
  • Reported pressure and temperature patterns can help the operator better manage the system proactively

The Nebula Management System!


Your billing system remains the same, only the information is now enhanced. With a simple API call, the Nebula system integrates to the existing utility billing systems with ease. The Nebula system also includes an intuitive user web-based interface for customer service staff. The Nebula system communicates via the internet using common web browsers for desktops, tablets and mobile phones.


If there's a problem, the meter calls you instead of waiting for the customer to report the issue.

You'll have the ability to proactively respond to main/leak issues rather than waiting to be reactive.

There is the ability to view mapping of each active meter and it's status along with installations


And all of this is less than your current Total Cost of Ownership of a standard meter today!

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